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What makes this drink different than other "hangover cures"?

Simple. SnapBack™ has 3 key elements when others only cover one:

  1. Hydrates and replenishes vital electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals lost by the body during drinking.
  2. Breaks down alcohol and helps your body process it through your system.
  3. Proactive approach. SnapBack™ is designed to be consumed during or after a night out, before going to sleep. This allows the science to do its work overnight.

Can’t I just drink a lot of water before going to sleep?

No. Water alone might help a little, but your body loses much more than water after a night of drinking. Only SnapBack™ contains the electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that rehydrate your body and help the breakdown of alcohol.

What if I forget to drink it the night before? Can I still drink it in the morning?

Yes. SnapBack™ will still work in the morning, but it is most effective when consumed the night before.

Do I have to finish the entire bottle for SnapBackTM to be effective?

No. Although it is ideal to consume the majority of the bottle, great results are still obtained by consuming half the serving (250mL).

What does SnapBackTM taste like?

SnapBack™ has a light, not too sweet, strawberry-kiwi flavor.

Is SnapBackTM safe? Does it have any side-effects?

SnapBack™  is safe and formulated with natural active ingredients. It is manufactured under Canada's strict food regulations.

Does SnapBackTM sober you up?

No. SnapBack™ does NOT prevent or reduce intoxication. Always drink responsibly. Please never drink and drive.

Does SnapBackTM prevent alcohol poisoning or alcohol related diseases?

No. SnapBack™ does NOT prevent alcohol poisoning or alcohol related diseases. Seek a professional if you feel you have a drinking problem.